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rubbing compound

Want to get rid of scratches at the door handles or road tar marks or any other paint on your cars painted surface???????

Zessta Rubbing Compound is the solution.

Zessta Rubbing Compound is an excellent product to remove oxidation from the painted surface and also to remove minor scratches.


  • It removes swirl marks and mild scratches easily. Gives a new look. Suitable for all new generation paints, metallic and other automobile paints.
  • Produces exceptional gloss which lasts longer.
  • Rubbing is fast and smooth.

Directions to Use:

  • Apply and spread sufficient of Zessta Gold Premium rubbing compound o the painted surface.
  • Compound the area using Zessta microfiber cloth by applying uniform pressure
  • Buff the area with lint free Zessta microfiber cloth.


  • Excellent for removing oxidation from the surface of an old paint.
  • Fast cutting action.
  • Easy to use with a minimum of clean-up effort.
  • Body shop safe and silicone free.
  • High performing rubbing compound
  • Can be used by hand or machine.
  • Clear Coat Safe

Packing : Available in 100 g