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Glass cleaner

Powered by German Technology, Zessta Glass Cleaner is a quality product. It is a non-ammoniated glass cleaner for tough-to-clean automotive glass. Removes stubborn smoker's firm, bugs and greasy road films to leave a streak-free, perfectly clear surface. ZESSTA glass cleaner gives you a perfectly clear vision of the road ahead.

Zessta Glass Cleaner is formulated to clean glass that has been hit with everything from bugs to oil. Inside, it removes vinyl fog, smoke residue, and is safe for tinted glass. Zessta Glass Cleaner is more effective than household glass cleaners and doesn't streak which makes it easier to work with.

Zessta Glass Cleaner uses non ionic surfactants as its primary cleaning agents. Unlike ammonia, sufractants lift and suspend contaminants without affecting the glass itself. This technology allows perfect vision to actually remove dirt, films and grime from the glass instead of spreading it around. Zessta Glass cleaner leaves the glass virtually invisible.


  • Since there is no ammonia, perfect vision will not dry out surfaces or cause them to yellow. Zessta Glass cleaner is as safe as water on your vehicle.
  • Incredible clarity and shine.
  • Easily removes film residue, road grime, bugs, fingerprints & more.
  • No streaks or haze.
  • Ammonia-free! Safe on auto glass.
  • Superior quality imported additives used.

Packing : Available in 250 ml

CAUTION: Always test Zessta Glass Cleaner on hidden area before use to ensure surface compatibility.