At Riya Chemy, we get asked many of the same ZESSTA Auto Care product related questions regularly by the auto enthusiasts, so we've listed some of them below in the hope that you'll find the answer that you've been looking for.

Exterior Detailing

Exterior Detailing


Q: Which washing product is suitable for my vehicle?
A: ZESSTA Auto Shampoo is an ideal product for consumers wanting an effective clean with a streak free shine. It has been formulated to clean away dirt, grime and road film from painted surfaces of your automobile. For those consumers looking for a convenient and time saving automobile wash, our quality German Technology based product gives an amazing wash with extreme shine, ensuring paintwork protection.

Q: Why is it important to wash my vehicle?
A: In addition to keeping your automobile looking great, regular washing removes deposits such as bird droppings, bugs, road grime and pollution that can damage your automobile's paint finish.

Q: What's the best way to get my automobile clean without harming the paint?
A: The first detailing step on a painted surface of an automobile is removing loose dirt with a good wash. Avoid dishwashing detergents/hair shampoo which may strip wax/polish and can leave a film on the surface, making it difficult for a protective coating to adhere to the paint and give dull finish look in future.

Instead, use aneconomical and durable specialist automobile wash solution - ZESSTA Auto Shampoo to protect your vehicles paint and give it a longer life because these are luxurious assets which need dedicated care rather than craziness, which may be today but not tomorrow.

Q: How can grease deposits be removed?
A: A very simple solution to this is ZESSTA GOLD - De-greaserwhich effortlessly removes all grease, oil and other stains from the engine surface and painted body too without harmingthe surface.

Q: How can minor scratches/foreign particles from painted surface be removed?
A: An effective way to do this is to use ZESSTA GOLD – Premium Rubbing Compound which effortlessly removes all foreign particles like paint residue due to over spray of other paint, etc. from the painted surface and also fills up minor scratches on the body where the entire layer of paint hasn't been damaged.

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Polish & Protect

Q: Why do I even need to protect the paint? Isn't it tough enough?

A: Definitely not! Your car's paint is sort of like your skin - it's tough, but it still needs help, which is why there are products for our personal care. A crack in the paint can allow moisture, salt, sand and cinders to erode the finish, eventually leading to rusting. Also, environmental elements cause automobile paint to oxidize and turn dull. ZESSTA Auto Polish contains extreme high quality good silicones which penetrate and bond with your vehicles surface for a high shine and long lasting protection. ZESSTA Auto Polish also protects and shines paint finishes. Just spray it on and wipe it off quickly and easily.

Q: How does ZESSTA Auto Polish enhance the paint gloss and life?
A: After completing its cleaning and polishing action, the surface is wiped completely. What is left is a clear coat of multi-silicones. These ingredients serve to add additional smoothness, improving paint reflectivity and depth of colour yet they are also ultra-clear and allow the true colour to shine through.
ZESSTA Auto Polish repels water and dust from the polished surface; it makes the surface smooth to avoid minor scratches.

Q: How long will ZESSTA Auto Polish protect the paint?
A: Polish durability depends on many factors. Once the vehicle is polished, we recommend not to shampoo wash the vehicle for a minimum of 4 washes or 2 months. Only water wash your vehicle. Water does not remove the coating done by ZESSTA Auto Polish.
But repeated water wash may reduce the paint protection properties.

When your car's paintwork becomes rough to touch and doesn't bead water, it's time to re-apply ZESSTA Auto Polish – German Technology at its best!
Use of polish after shampoo wash with ZESSTA Auto Shampoo, once in two months is what we suggest.
This can give a 24x7 paint gloss and protection. We say it with ZESSTA confidence!!

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Wheels & Tyre Detailing

Q: How can I remove the "caked-on," black dirt that collects on my wheels?
A:Along with road dirt, what you are seeing is accumulated brake dust. The old method for removal usually involved scrubbing for hours with a toothbrush. Today, you can use ZESSTA eXTREME –Alloy Wheel Cleaner, which safely loosens brake dust and wheel soil on most types of wheels, allowing it to be rinsed away with a spray of your hose. Before use, read precautions on product label.

Q: Why do my tyres turn brown?
A: Tyres are made with protective ingredients called "anti-ozonants" that fight environmental attacks to the rubber. During hot, smoggy days, these ingredients come to the surface of the tyre and look like a rusty, brown coating - a process called "blooming."
To clean your tyres, use ZESSTA Tyre Shine, a simple step cleaning that will leave your tyres black and shiny, just spray on, wipe and walk away. In minutes, your tyres will be back to rich black.

Q: How can I protect my tyres with ZESSTA Tyre Shine?
A: ZESSTA Tyre Shine offers a few ways to keep your tyres protected and looking great. You can use ZESSTA Tyre Shine to clean, shine and protect in one step, leaving a glossy shine just after a wipe.
ZESSTA Tyre Shine also nourishes the tyre and helps to maintain the tyre temperature to avoid tyre bursts or other wear & tear.

Q: Do I need to wash the tyres before applying ZESSTA Tyre Shine?
A: Yes. First step is to clean the tyres using ZESSTA Auto Shampoo. Once the tyres are in dry condition, you need to spray ZESSTA Tyre Shine.
If you tend to apply the product on a wet tyre surface or a non-cleaned surface, you will never see the actual performance of our product.

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