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Car shampoo

Powered by German Technology, Zessta shampoo is a specially formulated, highly concentrated product for cleaning all types of automobiles.

Empowered with latest technological formulation, this product can clean the toughest dirt and restore the original gloss of the painted surface.


  • Highly concentrated paint-friendly shampoo. Low usage cost.
  • Increases paint life. Safe for all paint surfaces as the ph value is 7 making it non-ionic.
    Has unique combination of superior detergents and gloss conditioner. Deep cleans paint work .
  • Adds active protection in a single wash.
  • Gloss conditioner gives a thin layer to the surface which protects from dirt.
  • Efficiently removes road dirt, traffic grime & other pollutants.
  • Retains its high cleaning power even with hard water.
  • Thick rich foam provides silky lubrication. Saves time and effort because its super high foam lifts and holds dirt in suspension and promotes film-free rinsing.
  • Anti redeposition properties.
  • Fortified surfactants loosen and remove heavy dirt and grime.
  • Perfect concentration helps to make Zessta Auto Shampoo durable and economical.
  • Superior quality imported additives used.

Directions to Use

  • Shake well before use.
  • Add 1 part of product with 200 parts of water (10 ml of shampoo in 2.0 litres of water).
  • Ensure vehicle is not under direct sunlight and then wet its surface with water.
  • Apply Zessta Auto Shampoo with a sponge starting from top of the vehicle then on remaining parts.
  • Finally wash with fresh water and wipe off with Zessta Microfiber Cloth to obtain high gloss.

Packing : Available in 250 ml


CAUTION: Always test Zessta Auto Shampoo on hidden area before use to ensure surface compatibility.