Social Initiative

We are committed to making a positive impact and every employee of Riya Chemy is actively involved in giving back to our community in a number of ways. Whether it's volunteering to rebuild a school, providing free education to the children of our employees or simply reducing unnecessary office waste, helping others is part of our work culture.

Our Green initiatives

We consistently work to make Riya Chemy and its surroundings more "green". Some of our green initiatives in the office include reduction of plastic consumption and optimising paper usage. We have planted several trees in our campus as well. We have also set up a rain water harvesting system to give back the nature its resources which we utilise the most.

Women Empowerment

We at Riya Chemy have more than 51% women employees who include skilled and unskilled labours, marketing managers, and staff. To dream of a developed Country, we need to constantly work towards educating the society towards a better living, education and importance of it, followed by women and their status in the society.

Child Education

We at Riya Chemy have sponsored the education (1st to 12th Standard) of one child per labour working with us. Those girl children who have been provided free education by Govt. are sponsored by us for their other requirements such as uniforms, school stationary and related needs.

We constantly strive to make Riya Chemy a better place to work and also develop along with the society to see a developing Nation in future.

Any product that we sell has a percentage of amount that is collected to fund for a great social cause each year.

Feel proud using our products, since you are our partner in making our society a better place every day, day by day…….