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leather cleaner

Powered by German Technology, we bring forth a superior quality product – Zessta Leather Cleaner. This outstanding product removes stains and deeply ingrained dirt or grime that detailing sometimes can't touch, leaving your beautiful car interiors fresh and ultimately clean without much effort.


  • ZESSTA Auto Leather Cleaner is used on leather car seats, Vinyl car seats, Leather dashboards, Leather door panels.
  • Use ZESSTA Auto Leather Cleaner on top coated leather furniture that has stubborn stains or requires a little stronger cleaner
  • Removes ingrained dirt
  • Helps remove most oil stains
    Will not discolour leather, vinyl seats, plastics, including fine rugs or other delicate material
  • Leaves surface looking clean and new
  • Environmentally friendly and completely biodegradable
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Superior quality imported additives used.


  • Leather seat covers
  • Leather dashboards
  • Leather door pads



  • Shake well before use.
  • Wear gloves while using this product.
  • Take a clean piece of sponge, spray ZESSTA Auto Leather Cleaner in small quantity and rub the area to be cleaned. Clean the area with MAGIKK Microfiber cloth .

Packing : Available in 250 ml


CAUTION: Always test ZESSTA Auto Leather Cleaner on hidden area before use to ensure surface